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When twenty-nine years of one’s life have been spent serving the world as an educator, and being not-so-helpful as an academic, it can be reduced to a three or four page document called a curriculum vitae. Despite this, I am a happy, relatively sane person, and I wouldn’t trade my years in the classroom for anything. I also love writing academic papers because I have a way of making them exciting while following the conventions of the Modern Language Association.

Part of my secret is that I never wrote a paper about a subject I hated. I chose my areas of scholarship carefully, and, even as an undergrad, I took topics and made them my own. I love just about everything I’ve ever written—the topic, the style, and the use of language appropriate to the situation. I even love my original teaching materials.

For this reason, I considered using my blog to sell my teaching units, including assigned paper topics. The lectures I’ve given and the instructions I’ve distributed are riveting. My first lecture of composition 2, a research course, is about literacy in one’s field of expertise. I convince the students that they are experts in something. And I tell them stories, including one concerning my grandfather—Doc Bruner—who taught me what colostrum was when I was twelve years old.
Later, I explain a research narrative as a quest narrative, complete with a hero, an antagonist, tests, obstacles, and friends made along the way. I wrote the assignment out in analogies to that great quest narrative we all know and love—The Wizard of Oz. 

But, as all my students know from having read my manifesto, I hate two things—lies and boredom. Salesmanship involves a little of one and a lot of the other. I have a low tolerance for boredom so I nixed that idea early on. 

The upshot of all this is twofold. First, do not be afraid of my professional history, and second, if you see anything in my CV that you believe would fill your need for a keynote speaker or a workshop leader, drop me a line and offer me travel funding and meals. No honorarium; travel and accommodations are all I request.

Do what you love.

Belinda D. Bruner



Ph.D. English, August 1998, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater.
Dissertation Pedagogy and the Body in Sherwood Anderson’s
 Winesburg, Ohio.
M.A. English, May 1991, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater.
Thesis: Coming to Terms with the Body: Faulkner and Feminism.
B.A. English, May 1987, Oklahoma State University, Stillwater.
A.A. Music, May 1984, Eastern Oklahoma State College.

Areas of Specialty

Modern and Contemporary American Literature
Short Story
Diversity Studies
Gender Studies
British Renaissance
Teaching Experience
Visiting Assistant Professor, English Department, Oklahoma State University, 2007-16
Freshman Composition I&II (honors and regular)
Honors Critical Analysis and Writing I&II
Introduction to Literature (honors and regular)
American Survey II ENGL 2883
Short Story, ENGL 3333
Gender Issues in Music, GWST 3713
20 th C Literature, ENGL 4220
Visiting Assistant Professor, Honors College, Oklahoma State University, 2012-2016
Honors Seminar in Humanities (Aesthetics of Music, Art, Literature) HONR 1000
Lecturer, English Department, Ithaca College, 1998-99
Introduction to American Literature
Introduction to Short Story
Lecturer, Arts and Sciences Extension, OSU, 1997
American Culture and Humanities — affiliated with Soong Sil University, South
Instructor, OSU, 1995
The Oklahoma Alliance for Minority Participation in Science, Engineering,
and Mathematics — sponsored by the National Science Foundation
Instructor, Independent and Correspondence Study, OSU, 1994-2013
The Short Story
Intro to Literature
Freshman Composition I
American Literature Survey II
American Poetry Post 1900
Instructor, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, 2010-2016
Flannery O'Connor
E.E. Cummings
Short Story
Music and Poetry
Louise Erdrich
This Is Why We Sing. (novel in progress)
The Five Senses and Angela Carter’s Poetics of Pornography. (in progress)
Red River Girls: Poetry and Prose. (in progress)
The Modern Land-grant Institution with Robert J. Sternberg, 2014.
“Facebook for Aggies?” STATE Magazine, winter 2010 issue.
“A Recipe for Modernism and the Somatic Intellect in The Alice B. Toklas Cook
Book and Gertrude Stein’s Tender Buttons.” Papers on Language and Literature
45.4, Fall 2009.
“Masturbating and Missing Something in Winesburg, Ohio.” Short Story, 2003.
Robert Frost Encyclopedia. Greenwood Press, nine entries, Fall 2000.
“Pedagogy of the Undressed: Sherwood Anderson’s Kate Swift.” Studies in
Short Fiction 36, Fall 1999.
“Pedagogical Method or Another Mark on the Bedpost?” Feminist Teacher,
review essay, Summer 1997.
Various single poems in literary magazines and journals.
Invited Talks and Readings
Speaker, MLKJ Day Music Lecture, Stillwater, OK, 2017
Speaker, Friday Lecture Series on live O-State TV, 2015-2016
Story-telling, Queer and Women’s Arts Festival, 2012-2013
Lecture on Bless Me, Ultima, Oklahoma Humanities Council Scholar, 2011
Poetry and Fiction, Alva Public Lecture Series, 2011
Stillwater Public Library Dedication Reading, 1998
Oklahoma Humanities Council Scholar, 2011
Graduate Research Excellence Award, 1998
Academy of American Poets Prize, 1988
University and Community Service
Member, Hispanic Faculty and Staff Association, present
Hispanic FSA Mentoring Program, 2007-2016
Minority Faculty and Staff Mentoring Committee, 2007-2016
Member, Oklahoma State University EQUAL, present
Tutor, Homeschoolers: Voice, Spanish, English, Music, College Prep, Special Needs. 2010-Present
Curriculum developer and advisor
Concert Chorale, 2013-16
University Singers, 2007-2013
Camp Cowboy, Faculty Speaker, 2007-2010
First-year writing Mentor Program, 2007-2010
Guest Lecturer for ENGL 5213, 2007-09
Book Selection Committee, Freshman Composition, 2003-04
Research Assistant, Department of Art, Kirkpatrick Foundation, 1998
English Department Placement Committee, 1997-98
Graduate College Mentoring Committee, 1995
Fiction Reader for Cimarron Review, 1995
Assistant Director of Composition, 1993-95
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