Tender Lies

To Member Again

I believe to remember means “to member again,” as in to make us whole when we have been dismembered; separated from our original beauty. Before my father lost a leg to diabetes I was paying my little brother 50 cents an hour to let me teach him things, things that brought me joy. But in order to teach beauty, I must re member my own. This is a gift my father has given me. Last Christmas I was visiting the folks. Bored with all the television specials, my father was in the living room manning the flipper. All the Von ...
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On Seeing Thirteen Eggs

Gerda emerged from the trees near Stuttgart because she heard a woman singing a song she recognized. The woman was one of several nuns gathering vegetables, and these nuns held Gerda at arm's length, noted her light skin, and took her in. Gerda's mother had been raped by a Dane who had escaped the occupation. Like most war babies, Gerda was not acknowledged by her peasant mother's family, but could often rely on the benevolence of the nearest church because of her fair coloring. This is all Gerda knows about ending up in an orphanage. She is not even certain ...
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Because I (Beer) Can

When I was 6 years old, boys often followed me home from school.  I think I fascinated them because, while I was not a tomboy, I did things that they never saw girls of the 60s do.  Or maybe it was because the beer was always on me. My dad introduced me at a young age.  I played in the mud; danced in the rain; squatted down in my dress to play marbles.  I filtered pond scum through my hands to catch tadpoles.  I tied bacon to a string and let it down crawdad holes; could pull up an ole ...
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